Monday, 28 January 2013


Today is all about storm drains. before i went on The M.A.D Marine Hui i thought that the storm drains were sorted, maybe there wasa big net or something that caught the rubbish and allowed the (unfiltered) water to drain into the ocean. but i had never stopped to read the little sign that says this drain leads to the ocean. when you open a storm drain, or look into it you can see all sorts of little pieces of rubbish, yoghurt pots, sweet wrappers, lollipop sticks, plastic wrappers even plastic bottles. If it hasnt rained or the drain hasnt had water running through it the rubbush just sits in the bottom and when it does rain and the water level in the drain rises the rubbish is pushed through the pipe in the drain where it is carried to the ocean and spat out through pipes on the sea shore.

A single drain in Auckland can hold up to 70 pices of rubbish. Multiply that by how many drains there are in an adverage city, then multiply that by how many cities there are in the world, then a few extra to compensate for the HUGE cities, we all havea  rough estimate, its really big! close your eyes and with your estimated number imagine if all of that rubbish exited the pipe at one point.
it might look like this ...
or more hirribly, like this ...
Life cycle of of rubbish in storm drains.
1. Rubbish ends up on the streets.
2. Eventually much of this rubbish will end up in the storm drain.
3. it ends up here, in the drain.

4. it rains.
5. washed out through pipes.
 6. Exits the pipe here.

7. ends it life here.

thanks lots.
dont litter!
nadine :D

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