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todays post is a sombre one and if you are squeamish i would recommend giving today's post a pass, its shark fining and the ludicrous idea that it is STILL LEGAL to kill a shark only for its fins in New Zealand.
i am personally opposed to shark fining and i plan on showing you.
sharks are really the top predator in the worlds ocean and to me they physically beautiful.
Shark fining is banned in 98 other countries but clean green new zealand still holds a legal stance. Why?
New zealand is one on the top exporters of shark fins to Hong Kong, where in the top 20. maybe where keeping it up for economic reasons you ask?
New zealand shark fin exports are worth $4.5 million annually. lots of money, right?
Not really.
New zealand overall fishing exports are $1.56 billion.
so even if we stop shark fining we still have a annual profit of over 1.5 billion.
there is no economic reason as to why sharks are still culled, more than 100 million per year by the US. that 100 million sharks are only killed for their fins.
we have 112 shark species in New Zealand, 73 are fished and only 11 species are covered by the QMS (Quota Management System)
the most popular types of sharks killed just for fins are as follows ... 3 mako shark species the blue, the porbeagle and the short fin. all most all of these are caught as by-catch and all are on the Red List Of Endangered Species.

Political Support:
All political parties have been sent briefing papers and were asked to support NZSA's goal of banning shark finning in NZ waters....

i took the above image from NZ Shark Alliance. as did i take much of my information for today's post from there website, please follow this link and help them on there cause. http://www.nzsharkalliance.org.nz/

7% of all sharks killed in New Zealand waters are killed only for their fins. this needs to change.
(WARNING! Graphic Content below.) includes pictures of Shark Fining)

shark fins are believed to have medicinal properties.
Whale sharks are HIGHLY ENDANGERED. this image was particularly distressing to me.
This is what a whale shark should look like.
The next even more horrible part of the shark fining story is that not only can sharks be killed for no reason other than there fins, they can then be dumped over board fin-less unable to swim and bleeding. they may be dead, or they may be alive, all i know is that they will not be alive to swim. divers have reported seeing the dead and finless bodies of sharks on the ocean floor.
Exhibit A.
This is a visual that might explain all of this a little better.
Shark Finning Infographic
shark fining, in my view, is wrong and should be banned in New Zealand if not world wide.
I'm not here to tell you what you should and shouldn't do, I'm just that person at the other end of the computer screen to compile documents and words and show you fats so you can make up your own mind.
What do you think of shark fining? comment below!
if you think it should be banned, get behind the cause and sign this online Petition.
you dont have to have a facebook to sign.
thanks lots,
Nadine :D
well talk about something more positive tomorrow, pinky swear!

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