Tuesday, 5 February 2013


tToday's post ... plastic pellets (not sure what there really called but they really are just Small plastic pellets that are used in the manufacturing of plastic world wide.)
Tiny but very dangerous!
Volunteers collect plastic pellets washed up on a bank of Lamma island during a cleanup operation in Hong Kong on Sunday.
This picture is of thousands of plastic pellets washed up on Lamma island in Hong Kong.
Although these pellets are very small they can be very dangerous for marine mammals and fish.
'Back in 1997 a Captain Charles Moore, founder of a volunteer marine environmental monitoring group described the "mess" as 90 percent plastic. "The real reason the world's landfills weren't overflowing with plastic, was because most of it ends up in the ocean fill" says Captain Moore. More devastating than this is that plastic never really goes away. It turns into a soup, minuscule particles that even plankton can ingest. Small multicolored resin bits of plastic have been seen trapped inside transparent bodies of jellyfish. Seabirds ingest small plastic pellets thinking they're fish eggs. Dead sea birds are found with undigested plastic parts still inside their stomachs. They die. Their stomachs are full of junk and doesn't go away.'
if you past any plastic on the beach, please pick it up, also please make an effort to also pick up the plastic pellets, the chemicals in the plastic pellets can be absorbed into the fishes meat so when we eat me in turn are eating contaminated fish.
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