Wednesday, 27 February 2013


The importance of picking up rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Picking up rubbish is extremely important, rubbish ends up everywhere it shouldnt, storm drains, outside rubbish bins, school playgrounds and animals stomachs! :(
the last one is the most important to me although really, each one the other ones is a subproblem of the last problem.
when things end up in storm drains it all leads to the last one and really, everything i listed is one big life cycle ...
1. rubbish not in the bin.
2. ends up in the playground! we all know that gross feeling on stepping on an orange peel :/ and just because its organic doesnt mean its going to break down quickly, an orange peel will take 6 MONTHS to break down properly!
3. they all get washed down into storm drains.

I call myself a human, a fellow Homo sapien, but when i see images like this, I am in no way proud of how we have evolved.
Keep it clean!
thanks lots
Nadine :D

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