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I am recovering well after the ol' concussion so decided to post....

Thresher sharks are so cool!!!!
Notice how the top fin of the tail is longer? Amazing!!!!!
the tail alone accounts for 33% of the sharks body weight, meaning the tail alone could be a whopping 767 POUNDS!!! That's nearly 350 kilos!

Species, 3 types of thresher sharks exist and all belong to the same genus, Alopias.
  • Alopias pelagicus H. Nakamura, 1935 (pelagic thresher)
  • Alopias superciliosus R. T. Lowe, 1841 (bigeye thresher)
  • Alopias vulpinus (Bonnaterre, 1788) (common thresher)

  • The sharks massive tail is not only a cool extra, it also acts like a big broom and can swish fish together, and whack them, if necessary before eating them. The tail can help swish the water around like a massive whirlpool which causes the terrified fish to huddle together making them an easy concentrated meal for a hungry thresher shark.
    Thresher sharks are, like many other sharks, very muscular so are able to propel themselves out of the water at speed.
    When i was younger my mum set up a big shark book for me and i learnt all about sharks, this is one of the diagrams she showed us ...
    The largest known threshers are 6m long and weighed more than 600 kilo grams!
    There diet also varies depending on how deep there chilling out, they can be found deeper than 1,000 metres.
    They hunt Tuna, Mackerel, other fish and sometimes even go for birds!
    Thresher Shark
    They also have a sensory system unique to Thresher Sharks.
    "In addition to electro receptors that all sharks have, which gives them they ability to detect electrical impulses from living creatures, they also have an extraordinary heat exchanger system. They're called "endoderms", which means that they have special thermoregulation. In other words, they produce heat through an internal body mechanism such as enhancing their metabolism and muscle shivering. This is largely a unique feature in Thresher Sharks."
    How cool is that?
    So they are found, really, in most places! The red marks their known places of habitation.
    But like everything else in this world, their under threat.
    A common thresher shark (Alopias vulpinus) with its dorsal fin cut off.
    This Common Thresher Shark has had it's fins cut off, probably for soup.
    Not necessarily thresher shark fins but the impact is there.
    The minimum value of the global shark fin trade has been estimated at $400 million to $550 million a year.
    How many sharks were killed in the making of this image? I would like to say i don;t want to know. but i do. i want to know because the number will be atrocious. Considering sharks are under threat anyway, then we go and EAT part of them!!!!
    what disgusts me most is the fact that NEW ZEALAND still allows this horrible practise.
     *Of the 112 shark species in NZ 73 are LEGALLY allowed to be commercially fished.
    *Only 11 species are managed under the New zealand's QMS (quote management system.)
    *Fishing exports are worth more than 1.5 billion and shark only 4.5 million so would it actually hurt NZ that hard if we banned it? I don't think so.
    *Already a third of the world has banned shark fining. We haven't.

    They can also be caught as by catch and caught in nets.

    Or run the risk of consuming or being caught in plastic!

    You might think that your some awesome cool teenager because you don't throw your rubbish in your bin and laugh with your mates as you litter.
    But as a teenager myself i can say 110% that littering is the big thing that makes you NOT cool.
    Why not just walk to the bin and stop it ending up in our oceans?
    Think about it, next time a marine animal or bird washes up on your shores, it could be your plastic, your chip packet, your glad wrap that caused that animal to die.
    I know its a social chip packet but be harsh and stop it joining the 5billion down storm drains already!

    -Nadine ;D



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