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20 years ago, before my birth, scientists first began talking about climate change. We were first introduced to the physical problems that our earth and its atmosphere.
Although we didn't heed their warnings.
instead we evolved our technology more and more to the point where our civilisation has well pushed past our planets boundaries and earth is it risk.
In one of the most important scientific papers ever published, James Hansen and NASA developed that any amount of carbon above 350 parts per million is "not compatible with the planet on which civilisation developed and to which life on earth is adapted"
350, it seems like a large number, the number of students at my school, the number of words i could fit on a book page. 350 parts per million even larger still, surely we couldn't destroy our planet to the points past this number, could we?
I would have thought not. But I would be wrong.
395 parts per million, that's where our carbon levels are at this moment.
45 parts per million higher than the recommended .
Our earth is dying.
Our earth is melting, the great ice sheets have decreased by more than half,
The oceans are about 30% more acidic than it was 30 years ago due to it absorbing carbon dioxide from the air.
The atmosphere is 5% wetter than it was 40 years ago.
To put into a words of one of my heroes, Bill McKibben, and activist for this.
"We have burned enough coal and gas and oil to raise the temperature of the earth one degree. what has that done? There was a day last September when the headline in the paper was 'Half the Polar ice cap is missing.' Literally, i mean if Neil Armstong were up on the moon today he would look down and see half as much area of ice in the arctic. We've taken one of the largest physical features on earth and we have broken it.
He and his amazing team have outlined 3 numbers.
Here they are ...
2 degrees ... The rise in temperature scientists agree is the safe amount that our planets temperature could rise, remembering it has already risen 1 degree.
565 gigatons, that's a billion tons. 565 more gigatons of carbon can be released into our atmosphere and going on estimates, we will pass that threshold in about 15 years.
and the last number, yet also the most alarming. 2,795. oil companies estimate this to be the number of gigatons of carbon they have in their reserves.
more than FIVE TIMES the estimated safe amount to be released into our atmosphere.
And those simple two words, FIVE TIMES, form the basis for the do the math movement.
We have been locked into a future that our humanity and civilisation cannot and will not survive.
at the end of last year we were told that if we do nothing to solve the issues and problems that we have created our earth will warm anywhere between 4-6 degrees Celsius.
Woo woo woo, remember what the threshold that we simply cant cross was? 2, two was the threshold we cant cross, and the estimate was double and triple that. Bleak future here we come!
If we don't put a stop to the burning of fossil fuels and waste, our earth is going to collapse and die beneath our very feet, and in many of our own lifetimes.
All stars eventually collapse on themselves. Our sun is a star.
Our star is expected to collapse in 5,000,000,000. (That's 5 billion years.)
Well i don't know about you but i don't really think ill look that great in 5 billion years. So technically, in physics and biology we cant survive without with the sunlight. But what would you say if i said, what if there want an earth to die in 5 billion times? Sure, there will be a rotating thing full of metal around the universe. But there might not being anyone or anything here to feel the impacts.
We are pulling apart the earth to look for things like gas and oil. We've pulled it apart piece by piece.
but now its time for action. We cant stop the problem and issues by ourselves. We will join together and make a difference to our future and our countries.
Please watch the below trailer for the movie, Do the math.
And if you loved that (which I hope you do) watch the full movie below!
This above post is all based on the information I have learnt from watching this video.
Check out the links for 350,
The main international site
The New zealand Branch
And the sign up page (snaeky arnt I!)
And please if you live in New Zealand, Come along to Bill on his global Do the Maths Tour, visiting New Zealand next month, see the link here
Right guys, Help us get behind this movement, stop the burning of fossil fuels and stop the blatant destroying of our future.
Global warming is a controversial issue, and an issue that many people refuse to accept.
But in order to change our ways and to stop us passing the threshold of killing our planet, we must accept that it is an issue. The worlds largest and most important issue that will have the largest effect possible on our future.
Divest and Believe that something can be done.that something is us.
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Nadine :D
This is i think definitely the post that i enjoyed putting together the most and i hope you in turn enjoy reading it.

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