Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hi Guys!!!

Right, my mega amazing plan didnt quite work out and i havent really thought of nay thing to post about so...... I created a new even more amazing plan! I didnt record a wax cylandir record, I didnt go out and cut the grass by hand, I didnt go shopping and I havent made dinner (yet) But i did manage to formulate some kind of idea for a post, not an overly good one but an idea none the less! I've built this thing up to the point where your'e all expecting the most amazing thing but I going to say I have to disappoint you! My idea is only to share a few environmental ads that I think are really good! :)


Banana boat
Animals fighting the city
Agbar desert - desert as rooftops above the city
if you cant read the text in the above, it says 'horrifying' on the left and 'more horrifying'  on the right.
Nadine :D

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