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Hi everyone! Just a heads up, if your wondering why today's post is in pink, its showing my support for 'pink shirt day' where I'm supporting anti-bullying!
I am absolutely exhausted after finishing my history assignment so today's post is just a short one all about our amazing earth!!!
Our Earth, as you may already know, is pretty massive and to put it simply, kinda floats in the the general amazingness of our universe rotating around the sun on its axis. We look up into the sky everyday and every night, and sometimes i have to remember how privileged I am to see the stars.
When i look out my bedroom window at night before i draw the curtains, if the weather is nice (not raining and cloudy like today) I see the stars, I can look up into a universe gazillions of trillions times larger than me.
But others arnt so lucky, due to light pollution etc. many people lose out on the simple yet surprisingly simple magic of looking at the stars, location things like the southern cross, walking by moonlight and being able to gaze into the unknown.
Just like nature, so many people miss out on the chance to experience it. They haven't grown up on a farm, hiking and horse riding and rolling in the mud. (metaphorically and literally on occasion. :) )
And this is what hopefully, these pictures show, the earth and the Eco-systems and animals and organisms that live on it is amazing but it is also vulnerable and needs to appreciated and protected.

Michigan aurora
Aurora Borealis
This amazing image is of the Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Photo: Sunset at waterfalls
What a lovely river! Sunset at Lower Lewis River Falls
Photo: Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River
This cool horseshoe bend is in the Colorado river.
Lovely reflection of Mirrored Island.
Photo: Sandhill cranes reflected in water
Sandhill Cranes in New Mexico.

Base Camp at Mt. Everest.
All of the above pictures are from national geographic (
This video doesn't really have anything to do with conservation but it is pretty awesome, and reminds use just how stunningly beautiful yet ever changing our earth and nature is.
It's AMAZING!!!!!

Thanks lots and lots.
I have small feeling that i had something else to put at the bottom of this page but Ive forgotten so it will have to wait until tomorrow!
Nadine :D

Say no to bullying!


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