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As promised here I am with a post about ocean rubbish. Bleurgh I say. And yet many people sit around and say what does it matter? Oceans their huge, massive almost, the largest expanse in our world. And it is an expanse that hides some of the most beautiful and mysterious habitats and varying environments. For who can see the immense oceans in all their beauty and repress a gasp. Who, even in their wildest dreams could ever think of killing off a world so unique, so ... alive. Even those people who live far away from the ocean still relish in pictures and documentaries, relish a world do tangible and close, a world many of us hold so dear to our hearts. But all of us can, and are slowly killing off this world so beautiful and immense.
For who can disallow the tears of sadness to flow when images of pollution are burned with hatred into our mind, burned with hatred of our own humanity; who can find the words strong enough to explain their feelings; who among us flounders and the own insanity of our species. Who among us feels they have the voice to stand above others in the simple fight of making a change.
And this war is the war against rubbish, and although we are using the same quotes to represent different issues, both are equally important and both will put a stop to mankinds inhabitance f this world if we allow it to.
And right now, were watching it and allowing it.
Rubbish soup
The dark blue bits here show the huge rubbish patches. When i explained how they form to kids at my old primary school i likened it to having a bowl of cocoa pops with not many cocoa pops left in the bowl and lots of milk. And when the kid stirs the milk around all the cocoa pops go to the middle of the bowl and clump together.
That is exactly what has happened in our oceans except the cocoa pops are pieces of rubbish and the kid with a spoon is the oceans natural gyros.
Awwww look at the seal wearing a collar. Oh wait? Seals dont wear collars???? :/
It is instead a ring of plastic that the seal has continued to grow around.
When he was a younger seal he would have been merrily swimming along and thought "WOW look at that crazy colourful bubble!" And put his head through it, his head would have been just small enough to let it through but his body to big to swim right through it and it lodged itself there, where he just continued to grow around it.
Can i just point out that these are common marine debris. The beverage holder has been stick around too many animals necks, fishing line can be swallowed and wrapped around animals intestines, plastic bags, well plastic bags are this blogs name sakes, turtles see them think there a jellyfish and eat them, brilliant (sarcasm) And look at the big one, Glass bottles, UNDETERMINED. If it gets smashed on its way down  the glass can be ingested and cut open the fishes stomachs can cut the outside of the fish etc. etc. etc.
And even though some of these things are only in there for a few months, we must remember that there is always others to fill their space, and as our mindset changes to accept littering, there will be more and more of these rubbish pieces.

Nadine :D


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