Sunday, 28 July 2013

Oil Exploration in New Zealand

Please take the time to watch the above video, remembering this is New Zealands PRIMEMINISTER!
John Key just mentioned an increase of 50% worth $13 billion annually, but what is the point of all that added income and jobs when our atmosphere becomes so depleted and our environment so dangerous that humans cease to exist anyway.
Everyone has this image of a clean green New Zealand burned into their mind, so did I until a few short months ago, but i have come to realise just how wrong I am.
We should be investing our money in alternative energy sources. And sure, Northland may gain from oil exploration, but living in northland myself, solar and wind power can do the same thing.
For my regular readers you will recognise the diagram below, simple and clear.
the top orange dot represents our atmosphere now, more than 400 ppm of carbon.
350 is where we're meant to be.
Leading climatologist James Hansen said, that any amount of carbon above 350 parts per million in the atmosphere, "is not compatible with the planet on which civilisation developed and to which life on earth is adapted."
Remember that life on earth includes humans.
We should be exploring the wonderful world of alternative energy not pushing the carbon level higher!
Bill McKibben once said, "We're not the radicals. We want a world a little bit like the one we were born into. Oil companies are the radical ones. They are willing to alter the chemical composition of the atmosphere in order to make money."
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