Saturday, 17 August 2013

Good Morining.

Apologies for not posting lately, I've been sick and really busy.
Anyone who is environmentally minded will probably be rather angry with the New Zealands Governments decision to backtrack on its previous carbon emission cut goal.
they had originally stated that they wanted to cut it by 10-20% against 1990 levels. Although yesterday, they announced there now targeting 5%.
"In deciding this target, the government has carefully balanced the cost to New Zealand households and businesses against taking ambitious action to tackle climate change," Climate Change Minister Tim Groser said in a statement.
Well, I didn't even know we had a Climate Change Minister, i guess that's a good thing, right?
NO, it is a really really bad thing when the minister in charge of tackling these issues supports a bill that isn't going to help New Zealand nor the world stop climate change worsening!
Global atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases
Global atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases
New Zealands Greenhouse emissions by sector in 2007.

Those two graphs sourced from

But reducing that target is going to have horrible affects in terms of our environment.
With this story on the New Zealand Herald some startling figures and ideas were raised, including,

"It is widely accepted that transport emitted air pollution has an adverse effect on health outcomes such as mortality, morbidity and hospital admissions," he said.

"In addition the economic costs can be great. It has been estimated that each year there are 500 cases of premature death in New Zealand due to exposure to air pollution."

Face it: Some New Zealand cities have the same air pollution levels as larger overseas cities.

And we call ourselves 100% pure, pfft.

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