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Speech from MAD.

Hey guys. Happy first birthday to my blog! I have officially been blogging for a year! Thank you all so much for all of your support and I hope you've all learnt a thing or two and also had a bit of fun along the way!

Foe todays post, I though id just post the speech I made at MAD Marine 2014. My aim for this speech was to explore the fundamentals of inspiration and share a bit about what it means to me, but at the same time, inspire the audience!

There are many forms of science. 7 branches of pathology alone and literally thousands under the words of medical science. My point is, science has shown us many things. Psychology has explored our brains and our most suppressed, primal instincts, biology has allowed every inch of our body to be mapped and at least partially understood, chemistry has explored the reactions that happen daily inside of us. To the point where the only unexplored, and in a sense unfathomable part of us, is our humanness. And from that seed of humanness is that which our inspiration will stem from.

The inspiration and race to understand our planet is what has led us to the conclusion that the earth is very different than it was 25 years ago. For man holds the power in his mortal hands to abolish all life on earth. We cannot forget that we are the heirs of the first generation to know about climate change, and those who began to raise an eyebrow at environmental degradation. The torch has been passed to a new generation, where each and every one of us was born into a world where pollution and deforestation are a daily business, where over fishing and species extinction are regular occurrences and news headlines.

Think of the Maui dolphin, a dolphin found nowhere else in the world yet it numbers have dwindled to 50. If, and although I hate to say it when, the Maui dolphin goes extinct, New Zealand will become only the second country to oversee the extinction of a dolphin species after the Yangtze River Dolphin was confirmed extinct in 2006 It has been labelled the ‘slowest recovery mission of our time’ by Greenpeace, and in a sense I guess it is, especially when you realise how difference the environmental credentials of china and New Zealand are. One is counted as one of the largest polluters of the world, where’s as the other has a clean and green image. Yet New Zealand is one of the top polluters, top 20 exporters of shark fins to Asian countries, has a carbon footprint  more than 4 times larger than china, 10 times larger than India, and only just smaller than America. We live in a world where 20% of the population consume 80% of the resources and 80% of the population consumes 20% of the resources. Surely, neither the rich and famous, nor the poor and forgotten can take comfort in our current state. Where every inch of the earth’s is burdened by chemicals, smog, dying species, harder winters and longer summers.  And yet, although both are rightly alarmed by our current environmental state, all are racing towards an apparent unknown and unstable future.

It is now we must begin anew. With new ideas and new leaders. Formulate serious, practical and precise solutions to the problems at hand. In a world where we unite in all countries of the world. We must resolve to build, not destroy, and never let it be forgot that weakness comes from division and strength in unity. In a world where we are all inspired.

Inspiration means different things to different people but the generic dictionary earning is the process or activity of being inspired. It is being surrounded by darkness and then suddenly, and perhaps unexpectedly, a single light begins to shine, and accompanied by that light is a vision for a brighter future.

Inspiration to me is the Albatross on midway island where tens of thousands of chicks lie egad after swallowing as estimated 5 tonnes of plastic waste per year, compared to the 20 tonnes that wash up on the mere 6km square island.

Inspiration to me is Sir Edmund Hillary’s answer when asked why he climb Mt Everest, he simply said because it was there.

Inspiration to me is Nelson Mandela, it is looking at blank canvas and seeing it as having endless possibilities.

Inspiration to me is coming to MAD Marine and looking, like we are this week, at the oceans current troubles and the oceans beauty, it  having the courage to looking into the oceans blue eye of beauty and managing to circumnavigate an ocean, a sea, and a world of grief. Yet also having the courage to stand up for this predicament and see a world full of hope , knowing our actions can make the difference that Is urgently needed.

Inspiration to me is this final story in which I was truly inspired after experiencing it. I look down as my foot snags on something on the beach. Thinking it merely a piece of seaweed, I tug, in an attempt to pull my foot out of the object. I watch as this ripple travels down the length of the shoreline. I lift my foot in confusion, before realising what I had snagged my foot on was not amere piece of seaweed, but a length of rope, extending from myself, into the ocean. I obviously could do nothing about it, lumbering a pack and injuries which would plague me for the next half a year, but from that moment on my eyes were drawn to the rubbish that lined the shores. It was then, hiking along that isolated beach, that I realised Tangaroa, god of the sea, was drowning. Not in the vast quantities of water that surround him, but instead in the human pollution and rubbish that have invaded hi world of privacy and peace. My eyes lingered on the jandals, petrol cans, the plastic wrapping which as now fast filling my pockets, and the lengths of fishing line and rope.  Even here, on a piece of isolated land, many kilometres even as the crow flies to the nearest town, rubbish still has the same murderous traits. Weather I was there, near Kaiiwi lakes, or in India, or South America, rubbish exists in what appears to be perfect harmony with humans, but in very ill health with wildlife.

At the moment our planet is hurting towards an unknown future, and I don’t know about you, but I want to a forensic pathologist, walk through the valley of the kings and the valley of the queens in Egypt, I want the see bats emerge from caves in South America, I want to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and walk Hadrian’s wall. And I want this future, a positive one where the environment and my actions continue to define me. But most of all, I want to be inspired, and continue making a difference.
Also as a birthday present, check out this coll picture of dolphins I took when whale watching on MAD! Theres some cool videos as well, ill put those into a post soonish!
Just for those of you wondering, its REALLY hard to take pictures of dolphins!
Nadine :D

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