Monday, 26 May 2014


Hey everyone!
Here are some cool pictures! For me, they sort of reflect a time when I was young and watching Disney shows, and being ultra happy, wearing my Disney princess pijamas and walking around clutching a Winnie the Pooh toy. And these pictures are a really funky way of getting the message across.
All from a pretty awesome blog called unhappily ever after ...

And for those of you reading in America you can take action with this awesome article by Bill McKibben in Rolling Stone, and for those of you reading elsewhere in the world its a funky article for a read too!

Now for those pictures... :)

We live in a world where nature is objectified as something that must be conquered. It has always been used as something to test you wills or courage, through challenges, and things like a rite of passage. But man by himself can not conquer nature because nature is too strong. A man by himself may take a day to cut down a large enough tree, so he instead takes machines like chainsaws which remove hundreds of trees per minute in the Amazon. A single man can not collect many fish or shellfish by himself, so he takes vast nets that dig up the sea bed killing and disrupt life instead.
But what man has not considered when conquering nature, is that by killing nature we are essentially killing ourselves. We live in nature, it is our home. Even if we live in the highest apartment in a building in the largest cities, we are still in nature, or what once was nature. Not many creatures kill their own homes, they need it to survive.
And we need nature too. We are destroying our Earth like we can pack up our bags and go to another one. We only have on earth, and we only have one chance to save it!
Thanks for reading!
Nadine :)

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