Sunday, 17 August 2014


Hey guys, sorry for not posting, I am in the middle of prep for school exams and will be for the next couple of weeks so there wont be too many upcoming posts. But still feel free to comment with questions and feedback because I am still checking this out.

N.B friendly but stern note: Pretty please dont come here just to leave spam. I moderate comments coming in and read them all and it wastes my time but also everybody elses time who is actually reading this for the environment. If your opening my blog just to leave spam, dont bother, I take it all down when I can anyway so your not gaining any popularity or traffic to your website!

Thanks guys, I hope to have more posts up soon and thanks to those of you who are actually interested in what Im trying to and saving our planet, one spam-free blog post at a time!
Nadine :)

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