Monday, 26 January 2015

MAD Marine 2015 :)

Hey guys, I've just gotten back from MAD Marine and it was absolutely amazing! If any of you guys live in at Auckland region, I thoroughly recommend looking onto it and talking to your college about going next year.
Over the next few days I'll post a speech I said at the camp about inspiration. But today's post is just a hello and a few extra things.

Firstly, you may have heard of seachange or tai timu tai pari which is part of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial plan. There are some cool surveys which can enable you to give your voice to the plan. They do close today though follow this link and give them a go sometime this afternoon

And I thought I might give a couple of my favorite environmental videos that you might find inspiring, I know i did!

This is a video by Chris Jordon on Midway Island, it is one of the videos which first inspired me to care about conservation and making a difference.

And this one is from Vimeo so just follow the link. I really like this video because it shows the scieence based side of conservation. Based in Raoul Island, featuring humpback whales and my favourite biologist this video is a beautiful and inspiring watch.

Nadine :D

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