Friday, 9 January 2015

New Years Resolutions.

Hey Guys, my new years resolution for my blog is to post more! I got so busy last year there was only about 1 or two posts a week, but that is going to change this year!

And I'm starting today with some inspiring environmental quotes to make 2015 the year we help our world recover.
Recycle. This is the start of a new beginning for our society and the environmental issues.
I want to protect the environment. We would love to live in a world where we, environmental advocacy organizations, are no longer needed. BUt as long as nature needs protecting we'll be here to do it.
Hiram College - Students who minor in environmental studies should begin by taking Humans and the Environment and other core and correlative requirements.

This makes me want to be more environmentally friendly, haha

And my personal favourite, I mean, who doesn't love Dr Seuss?
Ugh, I miss environmental. ~ Quotes from Dr. Seuss — Northwest Indiana, PR Friendly, Health & Fitness Mom Blog 
Nadine :D