Sunday, 8 February 2015

Global Divestment Day.

Hey guys, later on this week on the 13th-14th of February is Global Divestment Day.
This day is all about raining awareness about the Divestment Movement and maybe even educate and inspire some people, companies and places to divest.

For those of you reading this feeling a bit confused about divestment and what not, don't worry, I'm kind of in the same boat.

I have no idea about money and stocks and stuff so here I'll try to explain what divestment is.

Divestment is basically the opposite of investment. 

Investment is putting your money into a company right, so divestment is getting rid of your stocks or shares or bonds in companies you feel to be morally ambiguous or unethical. So like companies who are involved in fossil fuels, a practise dangerous to the planet and our economy.

A couple of years ago I went to an evening ran by Bill McKibben and
One of the most astonishing facts which has stuck with me the most is that under our feet in this earth, there is 5 x as much fossil fuels that we can ever safely burn.

But fossil fuel companies are still looking for it.

So this day is about educating people to freeze or stop any new investment in fossil fuel companies, and to also withdraw any stocks etc in a fossil fuel company.

Maybe even just look into a place you have shares in endorses fossil fuel extraction or exploration in anyway.

Maybe even just think about it or tell someone else about it.

I don't personally really know much about it being only 17, but I've tried to educate myself and if I ever earn enough to have the option to invest open to me I will look into weather that company endorses fossil fuels in some way.

If you want to educate yourself, here are some handy websites. Has a list of big companies which you or someone you know might have invested it. has more information about Global Divestment Day

And so does

And here's a little video with a few more facts.

Nadine :D

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