Saturday, 28 February 2015

Introducing ... Na'or!

Hey Guys!
It is really awesome for me to be able to share someone else s work on this blog too, today's post is a piece of poetry written by one of my friends, Na'or.
Na'or Alfassi Berman is a student at Western Springs and is part of the MAD family. But he also happens to be this crazy rad poet. His poems are thought provoking, emotive and rather inspiring! It's my privilege to say me posting of his poems will become a regular fixture on my blog.

Here's the first one ...

To play cards is to have a shot at life. 
You are shuffled about. not in order..a mess. 
As your turn comes around you have matured, your hand improved. 
You are strenthed. 
Then re shuffled, left to bare on your own, as wild cards are thrown about. 
But yet you play on. 
you lay your self down and pick your self up. 
You temporally decide it's over then question yourself and come 
back to bet again. 
You have a taste of success, and a tolerance of the bitterness of 
failure. As this happens you grow wiser
You develop strategy, you comprehend humility.. patients,. joy 
and acknowledge never to assume.. as the world is still to be 
rejoiced, still to be fulfilled still to be accepted. 

-By whom

Let us know what you think of this idea and Na'or's poetry in the comment section below!

Nadine :D

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  1. Awesome! Really cool to see some more stuff being added to your blog, and especially cool because it's Na'or's stuff.
    (From the MAD student from P3 Poverty Changers)