Sunday, 8 March 2015

Photos of the Gulf.

Hi guys,
Continuing from yesterdays post about youth involvement in the Hauraki Gulf, I'm going to  share some of my experience in photos with the Hauraki Gulf.

I've done quite  bit in the gulf, 3 MAD Marine camps, conferences and volunteering and here are some photos of those.

At MAD this year as Leader of Leaders with my fellow leaders.

 MAD 2014 and 2015 group photos

Photos I have taken on my volunteering escapades.

 Look at how happy I am to be volunteering!

Or a nice day at Long bay with the Madsters.

Basically what I am saying is that some of my fondest memories and times have existed out on gulf doing environmental things or just relaxing with my family and I want to ensure that it is there for generations to come.
So do what you can, little things, big things, middle-sized things, whatever, and help to make a difference.

Nadine :D

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