Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sea Level Rise

So, Jonathan Musther has published a series of maps that depict New Zealand under diffferent sea level rise scenarios.
New Zealand is a coastal country to me, despite the mountains or inland bush areas in NZ we can't be more than 128km from the ocean, maximum. That in itself is pretty shocking because we sometimes treat the marine environment like we live a thousand kilometers away, but more on that tomorrow when I talk about the recent Hectors Dolphin death, but its shocking because we are so close to the ocean, with so many houses or baches or beachfront accommodation in the firing line.
The 80m rise map is the most shocking for my house, my friends home, my school, city and life would be under the water. The Auckland region is now just islands. Now, 80m is a lot and weather or not it ever got that high is unknown but not very much is known about sea level rises and how high they get will be decided by the rate of ice melt increasing, decreasing or staying the same and the time period it happens over.
So here are the maps and remember to check back in tomorrow for a new post, I cant work out how ti copy and paste them so here are the links, sorry.
A 10m rise-
A 25m rise -
A 80m rise -

                        And for those of you that need something to compare it to, here is current NZ.
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