Sunday, 31 May 2015


Get out there and be inspired!

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month.  Thanks to the 100+ MADE by DWC volunteers who make our work possible.  "I support MADE by DWC because I believe that we are all a community, regardless of race, religion, income or sexual orientation. Empowering the Ladies is an indescribable feeling."  – Bess Byers, MADE by DWC Volunteer
Take a stand. Stop corporal punishment!
Sevenly + Hope For The Warriors: The message behind this piece calls us to action towards bringing resolve to the issues in our world. Solutions will come only when each person takes action and finds their place in the process represented by the multicolored arrows in the background of this design.
// We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Excellence Therefore is Not an Act But a Habit
Nadine :D

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