Sunday, 3 May 2015


Hey guys, so mylaptop has died. This is't too much of a big deal except all my draft posts were on there so it's going to take a bit for me to get the new posts up.
In the first installation of my catch up posts, I'll show you YELF!!!
The Youth Enviroleaders Forum (or YELF) is geld yearly in New Zealand, this year in Rotorua and I was one of the 52 students selected to attend.

We were loaded on a bus in Auckland, headphones in and eating lunch when we first realised YELF was going to be a tad more surprising than we thought. You see we were heading back over the Harbour Bridge, and for any of us who have even a basic grasp on geography we know Rotorua is south. Our bus was boarded by lieutenant from the Royal New Zealand navy and we spent the next day and half doing leadership rotations in really flattering navy issue overalls in Whangaparoa. 

Once we got to Rotorua, the schedule was action packed to say the least; I had a total of 30 hours sleep in 6 nights. But the lack of sleep meant we spent our days doing anything and everything.
We had talks about waste, the resource management act, attended Te Puia for a tour around their carving and weaving school, a trip around the Whakarewarewa geothermal area and the best hangi lunch ever! Workshops on managing the media and successful work stories from around Rotorua before pitching to a media panel including Tamiti Coffey. All this in the first 36 hours! We visited research and science institutes like Fish and game or SCION, toured some of the Rotorua lakes and jumped into Lake Rotoiti on a 5 degree day when the lake temperature was -2 degrees! Before relaxing in the natural hot pools. We talked about water quality, debated on issues raising more questions than giving answers, looked at ecotourism which meant we spent one afternoon at canopy tours Zip lining through the forest and upside down in one case!

We presented at the closing ceremony, had a talent show and an epic ping pong competition on the last night. When I was accepted for YELF, whatever it was, I wasn’t expecting that. I expected a conference, not a crazy adventure with some of the most amazing people I ever met. I got 5.30am starts and midnight ends, information by the bucket load and fun by trailer load. I got new friends, experiences and inspiration.

 If any of you are interested in this sort of thing and see camps or conferences advertised, jump at the chance to go! They are so amazingly fun and inspirational but they also help you netowrk and meet up with like minded people your age or out in the world working.

Here are some photos of my amazing adventure!

Nadine :D


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