Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Climate change.

Hi guys.
A pretty brief post today.
Just a quick update about climate change.

I saw a pretty startling infographic just now on my facebook newsfeed. I'll attch the link below...

This is cool I guess, one in a long line of infographics that is meant to make us wake up to the horrors of climate change.

But in the comments, positive and inspiring calls to action are far from what are seen.

Instead people are talking about how it should be by per capita, add sector based energy quantities, biomass burning not taken into account, methane emissions, etc etc etc.

This year I have studied climate change quite heavily. And I use the word studied in all truth of the word, I produced a 25 minute biology speech analysing reports and support for anthropogenic climate change and did something similar in a national speech contest.

This is great, expanding ones knowledge is one of the most exciting things I know of. But the more I read and the more I got entangled in the Anthropogenic Vs Natural or the  My Science Vs Your Science debate the more I realised why there has been absolutely no positive climate action in the 34 years since climate change officially became a thing.

We are so stuck arguing with each other we forget that climate change is happening now.

We're arguing about how much the sea level is going to rise in 50 years but forget that houses are falling of cliffs being eroded by water meeting there now, each summer.

It doesn't matter if climate change is being caused by natural reasons or accelerated by humans. Although that is my belief it might not be you belief.

What should be uniting my belief and your belief and turning them into actions is that climate change is going to cause so many problems moving forward.

We need to stop arguing about them and just recognise them.

Sea levels might rise 1 metre or 10 metres. What matters is that 1m would swap 160 million people in coastal areas. For them and for us who live on coastal islands we are seeing that now.

Climate change isn't a debate, it's call to action.

Nadine :D


  1. Can you provide any information that proves man is responsible for climate change?

  2. Can you provide any information that proves man is responsible for climate change?