Thursday, 8 October 2015


Hey guys, so here's my post as promised. As some of you guys may know I have been selected to be one of the Volunteer Summer Rangers with DoC on Matiu/Somes Island for 2 months this Summer and I wanted to a) share my excitement about this and b) encourage you guys to get out there and do something.

So Volunteering my time has been something I'm pretty big on in my life, weather that be down at the local primary school, running workshops for students at my school or something environmental.

I've found that one thing that holds people back from doing this is they're scared of a few things. One being losing their own time, but I do heaps and i still see my family, friends and cram in homework and sports as well. But I do urge you to find the balance in your own life before you try give your time up for others.
They're scared of being alone, in the sense they don't know who they'll be working with. But that's the most fun part, when you volunteer you meet people that like minded like you (they're giving their time up to on a Saturday morning) who heave heaps on knowledge they're willing to pass on to you and they just want to make a a difference. They wouldn't be there if they didn't want to.

They're a bit afraid of going somewhere new. But like above its so much fun! My volunteering has taken me to some crazy cool places and do things most people cant and see things most people never do. I've seen Tuatara, planted some of my countries rarest trees, seen endangered birds and even helped care for them and done it all in some amazing places waking up to breathtaking morning scenes and going to night walks under pure and beautiful skies.

Volunteering is an opportunity to get out there and do something, gain some work experience or put skills you've learnt to the test.

It's also an amazing opportunity to learn more about anything you want. Volunteering with an organisation like DoC you'll learn about flora and fauna, maintenance or history. Volunteering in a school you'll learn about people skills and patience (in a junior classroom you will learn A LOT about patience!). In a library you'll learn about admin and book keeping.

But when volunteering you learn about yourself, what makes you happy, what drives you, what your passions are. I've discovered that making a difference to our environment is my passion and volunteering my time to help aid its preservation is what makes me happy.

Just give it a go. Start small, check out facebook pages or twitter feeds for clean up days or tree plantings. Go to the local school office or library or elderly care home or anywhere you can think of and see if they need a hand. Because if you become that hand you never know who you'll meet or where you''ll go.

If you do want to do stuff with DoC in New Zealand then check out these pages for free online courses you can do and opportunities available.

Just give it a go, keep a smile on your face and don't procrastinate it off. There is a tomorrow, but we never know what might take up that tomorrow.
Take the day and seize it, take any opportunities that come your way and smile through them all.
And when you are volunteering, it will go so, so fast. So make the most of it.

Nadine :D

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