Sunday, 15 November 2015

Stand With the World.

I am a human, the world is my country, the ocean and forests of this Earth my backyard, every Homo Sapien on this planet are my brothers and my sisters, we are bonded to one another through the sheer fact we exist in the same era of time, on one planet in the same galaxy.
We are about 7.3 billion in number, spread across 7 continents, over 200 countries, speaking many different languages and living very different lives. But we are united by blood, by our ability to feel happiness and pain.
There is so much pain in this world, not just in one place, the whole world.
Stand with Paris, but stand with humanity.

We are set to inherit this world from those before us, and currently I have absolutely no idea what I am going to end up with: War? Clean water? Biodiversity? An Ocean I can swim in? A magnitude of marine species I can study? A forest I can hike in? A country I feel safe to leave? A life there for me?

There is so much uncertainty today, for us and all others affected by any kind of event-
Yesterday bombs fell on Lebanon and Syria, Paris was attacked, earthquakes in both Mexico and Japan, a child died of starvation, a young girl was smuggled over a border never to be seen again, a family was drinking unsafe water for it was all they had, thousands of trees were cut down, a poacher entered a national park and people cried.
And tomorrow? Who knows? Wars will rage, civil unrest will grow, more trees will be removed, animals poached, unfit water drunk, starvation grows and more babies will be born.
Little bundles who's futures are laid open in front of them to do whatever they please, and what a future it will be.

Right now, Humans have the power to change the world, or break the world.

We are naturally social creatures, we have to love one another, respect one another and be one another to live in harmony and unity.

Disagreeing with someone is fine, having different views with someone is fine and expressing those opinions is fine, but hurting someone because of them is not.

We are plagued by so many issues - environmental, social and economical, but after it all we are just people, trying to make our way in the world.

And we have to ensure that world is going to be there for us, and our grandchildren and their children and every other animal or plant on this planet that we have a duty to protect, to keep safe.

As you might now, I'm a massive fan of Doctor Who and Capaldi's speech last week in the Zygon Inversion got to a lot of us, so here's some bits of it to remind us we need to talk and we need unity.

So yes, stand with Paris they have a great hour of need right now, their citizens, family and society has been shattered and as humans we help them pick up their pieces however we can. But stand with the world, stand with one another, and let's change this world.

To end, my dad gave me a quote yesterday - 'Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself.'


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