Sunday, 24 January 2016


I write this from the queens wharf ferry terminal, where I still have 45 minutes to wait for my ferry, then I'll go back to the island and finish my last week of volunteering.
As I sit here I'm still 17 (very close to my 18tj birthday, granted) but for now I'm 17. I'm still just a small piece of the entire world, but I'm a piece that's doing something, breathing in sea air and walking through the bush everyday. Learning new skills about power tools, wildlife and living. And that makes me a rather good little piece.
We are all those pieces, bits of a puzzle. But like with an actual puzzle, you only see the finished picture when all the pieces are pit in properly. And sometimes we have to fuss over those pieces, rotate then, try one thing then scrap it then try another. We keep improving oitr idea of what the finished puzzle will look like and improving the image we have forming in front of us.
As humans we always keep improving too, working away at ourselves, learning new stuff and growing into who we are.

The learning of new skills is vital to that past, we can't grow (literally and metaphorically) without any sustenance. Knowledge is that food, knowing a new fact, where to find tuatara on the circuit track, how to start the scrub bar, how to do this, why we do that, when, how, why, what. All the answers to the questions we ask ourselves help us grow and help us become.

But in order to ask those questions in the first place we have to be doing something that inspires us to think of the question and then retain the answer. It has to be important to us if were going to bother to learn it.

So you have to get outside and do stuff, maybe volunteering with DOC, if you live in new Zealand and are into conservation, tale on an apprenticship to learn about mechanics or electronics or plumbing and try stuff for yourself.

As you go through that activity to fond your strengths and your weaknesses, you fond yourself. Then you start wondering why you do something a certain why. What something means. Then you work on those answers.

Those answers continue to feed and nourish you. You keep growing, you work out what you want to do with life, what you want to study, where you want to study, if you want to go to university at all, how you're going to live and why you want to live that way.

Having people who understand this is vital to the environmental and conservation movement. These people are thinkers and doers and action makers and shakers.

And we are all those people.

We have hidden talents and secret passions, we just need to get out an explore them.

So what are you still doing reading this.

Get out there and go be amazing. Be creative and individual and positive and passionate and happy.

Get out there and help save the planet!

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